11 September 2017

Psychotherapy and Counselling Education - Intermediate

This Psychotherapy & Counselling Education Course provides students with opportunities to develop the arts and skills required for providing competent psychotherapy and pastoral counselling. Assistance is provided to the Instructor by Registered Psychotherapists (CRPO). The course sites include a variety of placements in the GTA, each providing a unique setting for the therapist-in-training. The course provides 120 hours of closely supervised clinical practice/therapy where the student provides care for individuals experiencing various levels of crisis and seeking individual or family supportive counselling and psychotherapy. The remaining 280 hours include: peer and group supervision, case study presentations, individual supervision, spiritual/theological reflection, and other structured learning activities (theoretical seminars, theory lectures, practice therapy, therapeutic skill integration exercises, etc.). Written assignments help students integrate foundational theories (psychological, sociological, theological/religious, and spiritual) and grow in their competencies related to the facilitation of the therapeutic process, the safe and effective use of self, the building of collegial and inter-professional relationships, the development of professional responsibilities, and the assimilation of recent and relevant research.

This intermediate course focuses on family systems theory (Bowen and Minuchin) and relational psychodynamics (Kohut), as well as attachment theory and narrative and solution focused therapy, the use of Imago Therapy in working with couples, and includes an emphasis on transference and counter transference dynamics, with attention to boundary issues, limits of competence and the imbalance of power in therapeutic relationships

ICS 152802 F17
Rev. Dr. Lawrence Beech