2 June 2020

World-Viewing: An Introduction to Worldview Studies (Intensive)

Ubi amor, ibi oculus. 

(Roughly: Where there is love, there is seeing.)

An ancient saying, 
passed along by Josef Pieper and Richard Mouw

My hope is that you will experience World-viewing as a feast, an affirmative and transformative learning experience in which we will: consider and reconsider our deepest commitments and convictions; explore how we humans make sense of our lives, find our way in our world, and make culture; and, strengthen our capacities—within our vocations—for accompanying others in their world-viewing and way-finding and culture-making.

What do I love, desire, care about? What is the world we live in, and what do I believe about it? Who am I? Where do I belong—who are my people, and what are we to one another? What opportunities and constraints do I face in my particular context? What am I to do with my life? What is my vocation, my calling? What is my craft, how do I hone it, and how does the honing of my craft relate to my crafting of my self? How do I address these big questions in relation to the people whom I serve through my vocation?

World-Viewing: An Introduction to Worldview Studies serves as a touchstone course for the ICS Master of Worldview Studies (MWS) program as a whole, providing us as participants with a set of frameworks and tools and a selection of readings for exploring these kinds of questions. The course also introduces participants to the Christian worldview tradition out of which the Institute for Christian Studies emerges.

All-online (June 2 - July 9, 2020)

ICSD 132505/232505 S20
Dr. Gideon Strauss
Distance (Online)


*Attention TST students: if you are interested in taking this course for credit, you must petition your college of registration to count the course credit toward your degree program.