17 August 2020

Finding Joy in Learning

Finding Joy in Learning is the launch course for the MA in Educational Leadership (MA-EL) program of the Institute for Christian Studies. The course will provide you with a vocational vision of Christian educational innovation and leadership. You will be coached through your plan for working through the program as a whole. The course will start you on the path toward your MA-EL Project by helping you identify and articulate your project interest.

This version of the course will take a hybrid format, consisting of three 90-minute Zoom sessions during the week of August 17, participation in the Online Odyssey in Project Based Learning (PBL) offered by The Christian Teacher Academy on August 25-27, structured interactive online forum discussions in response to readings and other assignments over a period of twelve weeks, and individual meetings with MA-EL instructors.

All-online (TBD)

ICSDH 260001 S20
Drs. Gideon Strauss, Edith van der Boom
Hybrid (Online Asynchronous/Synchronous)