11 January 2012

Interdisciplinary Seminar: Plato on the Cultivation of the Soul

Plato’s texts are unique for their blending of subtle philosophical insight with complex literary form, and the drama of the dialogues is a rich philosophical dimension of these writings. The Lysis, Charmides, Laches, Symposium, and Gorgias are all exciting philosophical studies of the nature of the soul, its development, and its care, and each one is also a powerful portrayal of a complex and interesting interpersonal situation. As we move through a collaborative reading of these complex writings, we will be cultivating our own abilities at reading and appreciating them at the same time as we work through such issues as upbringing, character, aspiration, relationships, aging, truth, beauty, and justice that are raised both by the theoretical discussions of the nature of the soul and by the dramatic portrayals of the practice of living.

ICS 2400AC W12
Instructors: All Senior Members
Wednesdays 9:30am-12:30pm