12 January 2015

Liberating Theologies: Talking about God in the Context of Social (In)Justice

This course will focus on the way our attention to the poor, oppressed, and marginalized influences the way we talk about God. The content is practically focused, recognizing that while not all are interested in the language used by academic theology, most desire to reflect on the ways that theological concepts influence social and economic relationships. This class will explore the way theological tenets and practical action meet in the face of poverty and inequality. This goal will be accomplished through interaction with the centering text, Leonardo Boff’s When Theology Listens to the Poor. Course readings will also include contemporary works on the topic as well as selections from the biblical narrative. Together, these readings will challenge us to question how compassion, justice, and mercy are demonstrated in our theologizing as well as in our ethical action.

ICSD 132001 W15
Instructor: Jeffrey Hocking