7 January 2015

IDS: Aristotle’s Political Philosophy at the Crossroads of Ethics and History

This course examines the intimate relationship between Aristotle’s Nichomachean and Eudemian Ethics, his historical/reflective account the Constitution of Athens, and his Politics.  We will use Aristotle’s own interdisciplinarity to examine how it has served to inspire and challenge modern political-theoretical understandings of human communal life marked by sharp bifurcations between public and private, fact and value, political and ethical, systematic and historical. We will end by asking investigate what and how our reading of the  two Ethics, the Constitutions and Politics can serve or challenge a faithful Christian political witness in the context of contemporary Western political culture.

ICS140411/240411 W15
Dr. Robert Sweetman
Wednesdays, 9:30am-12:30pm
(MA, PhD)