6 January 2015

Faithful Thinking and World Orientation: Augustine, Aquinas, Dooyeweerd, Olthuis

This course is designed to examine four examples of Christian thinking about God, self and world within a religiously heterogenous imaginative and thought world.  The effort to think integrally within and about such a world is a throughline to be followed from any point in the ongoing tradition of Christian thought.  The character of the world changes inexorably but its religious heterogeneity both imaginatively and conceptually is reaffirmed in and through all such changes.  What it means to think in accord with one’s faith, to think faithfully, then, will change as the world in which such thinking takes place changes, but the task of negotiating faithfulness in the context of imaginative and conceptual heterogeneity continues to challenge, bless and curse by turns.  Augustine, Aquinas, Dooyeweerd and Olthuis illustrate both the challenge and opportunity of such an enterprise within the context of ancient Roman, high medieval, high modern and postmodern imaginative and conceptual contexts, respectively.

ICS130405/230405 W15
Dr. Robert Sweetman
Tuesdays, 9:30am-12:30pm
 (MWS, MA, PhD)