9 September 2019

How to Coach a Strong Team: Leading People, Building Instructional Capacity, and Securing Accountability

How to Coach a Strong Team is a course for new and aspiring principals. The course provides frameworks and tools for setting directions, building relationships, developing people, developing a school culture and structures to support desired practices, and securing accountability.

The course starts with attention to the character of the leader. It continues with an exploration of the processes necessary to gain competency in the cultivation of vision, the nurture of trust, the leading of change, the building of teams, professional coaching, and the supervision of professional development. It concludes with hiring practices, handling conflict, and terminations of service.

How to Coach a Strong Team is a hybrid course consisting of five in-person learning experiences and thirteen weeks of online interaction.

ICSDH 260005 F19
Dr. Gideon Strauss
Hybrid (Online/In-Person)
Dates TBA